Your own personal graduation, today not some day

July 25, 2014
Staring me in the face on the back of a bus this week was an advertisement for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society featuring their tag line, ’someday is today.’ As I waited for the light to change I had time, plenty of time, to think about exactly what ‘someday is today’ means to just about every one of us.

One day you’re 17 (can you remember that far back?) and you are planning for someday. And without you ever really noticing, day follows day, week follows week — you get the idea — and someday is now yesterday and you’ve missed the opportunity to make your someday your today.

Someday, I will start a diet. (Not yet, because the holiday party is Friday, then…)

Someday, I will find a new job. (Not yet, because the job market is so hard, and my skills aren’t…)

Fill in your someday. ‘Someday, I will _______________________________.’

Fill in your not yet. ‘Not yet, because _______________________________.’

We wait for the perfect moment, for the stars to align, for the sign from above. And we discover there is no perfect moment, the stars will never align just right, and we don’t pay attention to the sign from above. It’s never quite right. And, worse, there is no guarantee of success. The longer you wait, the smaller that window of opportunity becomes… until someday, that window of opportunity is gone and it’s too late.

The ‘someday’ trap brings your goals to a standstill. It plays havoc with your future. It kills productivity. It causes procrastination. If you allow yourself to let ‘someday’ be a part of your thinking it will be very difficult to move forward and reach your life goals.

Someday is not a day of the week. Are you ready to try a new way of thinking?

How about having ‘someday’ be today?

You can’t do everything at once, of course, so you’ll have to make choices. Choose to do the things that are important to you and your goals and let the other things go.

This year, when I change my thinking to ‘today’ instead of ‘someday,’ I’m not only going to feel better about myself, but I will move my life in the right direction: forward. In that way, I challenge myself to make dreams become reality.

I challenge you to change from ‘Someday I will… but not yet’ to ‘Today I will…’

Drop me a line at[1] and let me know how you feel in your new today.

The article above was submitted by Sandra Rodriguez, Life Repurposed Coach.

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