‘The space between’ summer and the holiday season

September 08, 2015

OMG – it’s September already??? In the blink of an eye, two-thirds of 2015 is already gone and we are entering the home stretch, the countdown to the end of the year. What the @#$%^& happened to all those months, all my plans? How will I ever get it all accomplished? Will I get it all accomplished?

I am going to borrow a great idea from a husband/wife coaching team I know in Arizona. They are Living the Dream (livingthedreamcoaches.com). Laurie and Joe Battaglia host a retreat for women (the idea can work for men too, trust me!) in November. The event is the “The Space Between.” I attended last year and plan to go again this year. The topic this year is Find your Truth.

What is “the space between” all about? Summer is essentially over and other than football (not high on my list) there are no major events on the calendar until Halloween and, oh boy, then the crazy times start. I see September as “the space between” summer and the holiday season. I recommend that we use “the space between” to prepare for the craziness ahead.

How can you make the best use of this time? Here are some suggestions. Feel free to add your own. Start with a list of everything you want or need to accomplish between now and the end of the year. Take out your calendar (or your Smartphone) and start plotting out the must-dos and want-to-dos.

Look at dates and identify when you plan to have your holiday party. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas are just a few possibilities. Then list everything that completes that event.

Perhaps it is like this:

  1  choose a date,
  2  create your guest list,
  3  send out save-the-date cards or emails,
  4  develop the menu (potlucks are a great idea) and make sure you have all the recipes,
  5  type up a grocery list (what can you buy in advance to spread the cost out over time?),
 6   send invitations,
 7   schedule the housecleaning service (I can dream, can’t I?),
 8   plan what you want to wear,
 9   and start cooking.

Plot all these dates on the calendar and set reminders on your Smartphone.

The holidays are a time for gift-giving. Did you save the list from last year?

   1 Check the list and see if you need to add (or subtract) anyone. Don’t forget teachers, service workers, office parties and neighbors.
  2  Many of these gifts are given before the actual holiday. Take the list, write dollar amounts that you want to spend, a couple gift ideas for each and, where indicated, what day you need to have the gift wrapped and ready to give.
  3  Schedule a day (or two) for shopping, on-line where possible, or at the dreaded mall.
  4  Don’t forget to plan a gift-wrapping day (fun with friends), or wrap as you buy (my preference).

Another big item for the holidays – greeting cards or the family newsletter (do you really need to do one?).

  1  Did you keep last year’s list? Have any addresses (street or email) changed?
  2  Pick a day to shop for a card for snail mail and email.
  3  Choose a day to buy stamps — better yet, buy them on-line and have them delivered. The fee is under $2.00.
  4  And then schedule a day (or two) to sign and mail cards and perhaps another day to set up email cards.

September is a great “space between” month to organize for what’s ahead. Time well spent now will make the last quarter of the year much easier to manage. And you will be a much better person for being in control! And (hint hint) — save this year’s plan for next year!

Drop me a line at repurposeyourlife@yahoo.com and tell me about your “space between.”