So the holidays are coming, oh my!

October 20, 2015


October, how can that be? Wasn’t it just June and 6 months until Christmas? I blinked and here we are, the holidays are almost upon us! And then this happens to you – you make plans for how and when to get everything done and BAM! you ignore your best intentions. You get stuck and avoid the actual doing.

I’ve discovered a fabulous website, Unstuck Community on tumblr. There are all sorts of topics, exercises, tips and much more (everything is clickable). So many of us get stuck. How do we get unstuck?

Ask yourself, Self, why do I get stuck in the start-stop cycle? Why does this happen?

Keep asking yourself until you get to the root cause. Some ways we become stuck include the “Idle Achiever,” stalled by the details. There is the “Reluctant Adapter” who resists change. Yet another is the “Lone Leader” who doesn’t ask for help. Once you identify your “stuck” you need to come up with a plan.

Then ask yourself, Self, is my heart in it? You need to decide if you are fully on-board. Where is my doubt coming from and how can I work through it? How would I feel if I backed out?

Did I hear Self say, I feel overwhelmed! How big a commitment am I comfortable making? Can I delay another project to complete this one? Will these changes get me unstuck?

And finally, did Self think, I enjoy the idea of my plan more than wanting to actually do it? I need to look for someone to help me get motivated to take action. Who can encourage me, assist me, and keep me accountable?

So stop your procrastination, have a serious chat with Self, and plan a great holiday season!

Drop me a line at and tell me about your stuck. And check out the tumblr site for lots of great information, all downloadable and printable!

Sandra Rodriguez

Sandra Rodriguez is a Southern California-based professional life coach. With her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Interpersonal Communication, Mediation Certificate from the Los Angeles Bar Association and Professional Coach Certificate from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Sandra’s many roles as manager, teacher, and human resources administrator have given her a wide spectrum of high-level skills to complement decades of practical experience in a variety of professional and academic settings. Areas of expertise include interpersonal communication, coaching, teaching, public speaking, human resources, negotiation, mediation, and business and manufacturing operations.