Planting seeds of improvement

April 06, 2015
Spring is the season for planting. There are many different kinds of gardens to grow. You can plant seeds, bulbs and rhizomes. You might plant flowers — annuals and perennials. You could plant vegetables. You can plant trees and vines. And this spring you can also plant seeds of self-improvement, the beginnings of new behaviors, habits and points of view.

Look at the year just past. Was there something in your self-garden that didn’t grow the way you wanted? Perhaps the crop of sensitivity wasn’t plentiful. Or was the field of flexibility full of fungus? Maybe the bed where empathy was supposed to bloom, didn’t. Was your garden over-run by annoying weeds like sarcasm, whining or ego?

Planting seeds of improvement

This spring you can control your self-garden. Analyze what caused difficulties in interactions with family, friends and co-workers, even strangers. Take time for introspection and decide what you would like to (self)improve.

Are you accepting of ideas that challenge your beliefs and values? If not, plant tolerance!

Are you short-tempered with others’ mistakes, slowness or lack of understanding? If this describes you, plant patience!

Are you bored when someone in your circle is still struggling with life challenges? If this sounds familiar, plant humanity!

Plant your (self)improvement “seeds” and be sure to nurture them. Check often. Keep the seeds well-watered with your attention and well-fertilized with your “amendments.” When spring becomes summer, enjoy your blooms and your happier life.


Sandra Rodriguez, Life Repurposed Coach

Doesn’t the day feel brighter already? Enjoy the glow.

The article above was written by Sandra Rodriguez, Life Repurposed Coaching.

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